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I am trying to input data into Statgraphics and find the multiple regression. When I choose a column to use as either "y" or "x" it tells me it has to be a numeric value. Can anyone help?



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Double-click on the column heading (grey) and you will open the Modify Column dialog, where you can change the variable type.
Another Statgraphics question

I have repeatedly had problems running multifactor anova on full-factorial-design experiments. I get this error message:

ERROR: factor AB is a linear combination of other factors.

Anyone have a solution to this?

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Re: Statgraphics Question

Hopefully someone is still monitoring this thread. :)
I am trying to do a simple outlier identification in Statgraphics Plus and am getting and error message:

The instruction at "0x065dab0" referenced memory at "0x04191594". The memory could not be "read".

Then the program crashes. I have re-entered the data on my computer and a co-workers computer. The error re-occurs.

Here is the data:

Any ideas on why the crashing program?