Statistic test for comparing time budget?

Hi all

I am a beginner in statistics and I have the following difficulty.

I video-recorded some animals in two populations and I calculated the proportion of time which each individual engages in different activities. For example, Individual A1 spent 60% time feeding, 10% time resting and 30% time displaying to attract females. I want to see if the individuals in the two populations allocated their time differently, eg. individuals of population A significantly spent more time on feeding than population B. What statistic test would you recommend me to use?

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It depends what you are trying to test. If you want to test the proportion doing one activity, like feeding, its easy. The simplest is a test of proportions. You could also run a regression with a dummy variable as a predictor (group a coded 1 group b coded 0) and proportion feeding as the variable you are predicting.

If you want to predict all the levels, feeding, time resting, at once time (rather than predict feeding, time resting, etc one at a time) I am not sure how you would test this.