[Statistica] Glm-factorial anova

Hello There!
i'm a beginner Statistica user and really hope anyone could help me.
I have the following data set:
dependent var: test scores
indip var: 2 platform (A-B) and 3 lever of difficulty (H- M- L)
I already performed a one-way anova, founding significant difference between platform A and B and the 3 level of difficulty significantly different one from each other.
Now, my question is if it's correct perform a factorial anova, given that I actually have 2 and 3 level for my indip variables.
But using STATISTICA, i was a bit lost.. using the GLM..What I have to put in "within effect" cell? I have to consider as "categorial pred." the test scores?
Thank you very much in advance.


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Hi Mikelita. Yes, you can perform a factorial ANOVA with this kind of independent variables. The "Between effects" should be set to (and are by default) full factorial.

I don't understand your last question. Note that for any STATISTICA analysis, you can hit F1 on your keyboard to pull up relevant STATISTICA help.