Statistica - nested ancova?


I'm having trouble completely understanding the set up for a nested design. Currently I have analyzed my data using a straight up ANCOVA using the means from three trials, but the possibility of using all my data in a nested design has been raised. Here's the jist of my data.

I had individuals raised in different environments (3 types), and I tested them for fitness using three trials each. The number of individuals from each environment is not the same. Temperature affects the fitness testing, and since it wasn't kept constant during the trials (unavoidable) this is the covariate included in the ANCOVA. If anyone has any hints for how to set up an run a nested ANCOVA in Statistica would be rather helpful.



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Hello, you might want to try the following steps...

Select Variance Components from the Statistics - Advanced Linear/Nonlinear Models menu to display the Variance Components dialog. On the Quick tab, select your Variables. On the Model tab, select the "Hierarchically nested design" option and verify that the "Codes identify consecutive overall levels" option is selected. Click OK for results.