statistical analysis at the regional level

Hi I wanted to run multivariate analysis on data from regional level (i.e. regional population size, regional indicator values, regional equity index). Can I do so using the same technique for patient-level or data or is there something else I need to consider?
Do you want to put both regional level and patient level data in the same model?
Hi, I only have data at the regional level. That's it. So in a sense it's like a macroeconomic analysis. I only have indicators at facility and regional levels and degmoraphic information at regional levels. I don't have any other information. I'm trying to see if the demographic information can explain variances in the regional indicators.


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So you have some facility level data (what?) and how many facilities in the regions? Then you have some data for region (describe all of your variables).

You may be looking at running a mixed-model (hierarchical), which controls for the random effects at the facility level.