Statistical Analysis of Weather Variables

Greetings everything, this is my first post.

I am doing research on mesoscale weather features. I am working on discovering the predictability of a sea breeze based on several weather variables.

Let's say I am have the weather conditions at 6AM local time for a location for about 300 summer days.

I have the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and dew point (for now).

For each of these 300 days I know which days there were sea breezes.

I would like to use these days to predict the likelihood of a sea breeze on a day outside this sample set.

I would like to say something like: given this wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and dew point , there is an X percent chance of a sea breeze for the day.

What statistical technique would be best for this kind of application? I understand the basics of statistics but I am not sure the best method.

Thank you so much for any help! I sincerely appreciate it!

- Chris


TS Contributor
well the easiest thing i can think is logistic regression. Do u konw spss? it is not diffiucult and i understand u need something you are able to explain to others.