Statistical Analysis: Which measure of association for me?

My research hypothesis claims that there is a relationship between my independent variable, student’s economic status and the dependent variable, SOL test scores. the null hypothesis states that there is no relationship between the two variables. This is quantitative, and it is discrete. This is also a nominal measurement of data. Another characteristic of my variables is that they are symmetric. This is all that I know.

According to my book, I need to use one of the following measures of association (I plan to use excel): which one? Contingency coefficient, Cramer's v, lambda, phi or the uncertainty coefficient. I understand the first two are based on the chi-square. I just need to pick one and I can't figure out which one would be best. I can watch an excel tutorial to figure out how, once I know which one. Any help would be most appreciated. If you need additional information from me, please ask!
As a quick update, my data looks something like this:
SOL Scores
Subject All students Economically Disadvantaged Students
Reading 70% pass 62%pass
Math 59 52
Science 80 75

and so on