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Hi all.

I am doing an experiment that looking at relationships between mental imagery and mental disorders, mental disorders and self-regulation and mental imagery in self regulation.

Would I be correct in saying that no other tests need to be performed on SPSS before looking at relationships? I have been told that I don't but would it not be a good idea to check distribution? Or am I forgetting to do something else?

Independent variable would be the questionnaires being used for measuring mental disorders

Dependent variable would be the scores relating to mental imagery and self-regulation
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How are your data explicitly formatted (continuous, categorical, or ordinal variables), we don't know this. What is your sample size? Was any intervention or exposure randomized? Do you have a study question/hypothesis?

Lastly, it is always a prudent idea to visual your data. This helps to understand the distribution and examine data quality.
Measures: There are 5 questionnaires/tasks that are answered as ordinal - based on likert scales (Spontaneous use of imagery scale, impact of future events scale, performance rating on a mental imagery task, Alexithymia questionnaire, P-GBI & State/Trait Anxiety questionnaire).

There are 2 measures that are continuous such as heart rate and respiratory

1 nominal questionnaire (Mood disorder questionnaire) with ordinal answers on two questions.

Sample: Looking at a sample of 30, tests are being done in a running order to minimize fatigue

Hypothesis: We are looking at the relationship between Mental imagery and MDQ scores (expecting it to be positive); Mental Imagery and Self-awareness (a relationship) and Bipolar and Self-awareness (inverse relationship).