statistical power for logistic regression


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I believe the likelihood ratio, Wald and deviance tests have slightly different power functions. You can always calculate the power via Monte Carlo on a grid of parameter values and then interpolate in between with cubic splines. But there are probably simpler approaches. Somebody somewhere must have tabulated the power functions already.


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I was surprised, that looked like a pretty good power procedure for SAS. I was gonna recommend a Monte Carlo simulation, but @Dason link definitely seem appropriate.


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I'm guessing this isn't what you want? Because all I did was click on the first Google result for "sas logistic regression power"
I was relying on experts here rather than searching. I don't always do well on searching [I often get confused with SAS documentation]. Given that I have no theory to guess at the distribution or effective size of much of what I do I am going to have problems using that. I work with vocational rehabilitation, and if there is any theory for much of it I do not know it. I work with raw data and little else.

But its useful to find out about Proc Power. Never heard of that.


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Software I used before asked only for an estimated effect size, and an alpha level I thought (as well as a sample size which I know).