Statistical Research Question

Here is what I am looking at:

I want to know how 3 factors (we'll call them A1, A2, A3) correlate with Store Sales per Store (532 stores). In other words, how does each store's behavior using those 3 factors relate to Store Sales.

I did a linear regression of Store Sales as DV and A1, A2, and A3 as IVs. It shows that those three factos have a negative correlation with the DV. Yet, this gives me a picture of the overall trend for all stores.

I am using SPSS 13.

My question:
I want to look at each store individually. How does Store X fare against Store Y. Is there at least one store that has a positive correlation between the 3 factors and Store Sales? How do I output a table/matrix/graph that will help me do store by store comparision?

Thank you in advance.


TS Contributor
the three factors are they continuous or categorical, when you say negative correlation with the DV do you mean that the betas for all three were negative i presume. Did you see the correlations amonsgt the three factors (if assumed continuous)?
the three factors are continuous. the correlations amongst the three factors create positive correlations/betas. do you think i need to dummy code the stores?


TS Contributor
If the r amongst the IV are strong (>0.7) this could indicate a possible problem of collinearity. the stores are not continuous? what are they?