Statistical Science Competitions: Best Kept Secret

You think that all the interesting competitions are taking place on Kaggle. But whether you are a participant interested in winning an award, or an organization interested in posting a competition, there are a few alternatives, including Data Science Central. Check out our list of challenges below.

Our first competition attracted high caliber professionals from organizations such as IBM and two winners, yet was rejected when we posted it on Kaggle, just like all our submitted competitions. We are not complaining about Kaggle's censorship - they do whatever they want to do - just saying that there are other opportunities for you.
Data Mining Competitions

Here are some of our previous competitions. Starred ones are associated with an award (at least $1,000).

  • Our first data science competition - checkout the winners and the a... *
  • Write a data science research paper and win fame and award *
  • Cracking the maths that make all financial transactions secure
  • How to detect spurious correlations (read section 5 and 6 of this a...
  • Real-time experimental design (A/B testing) *
  • Challenge of the week - Modeling and explaining the law of series
  • Challenge of the week - Time Series and Spatial Processes
  • Challenge of the week - Zipf's Law
  • Challenge of the week - High-Quality, Non-Periodic Random Number Ge...
  • Challenge of the week - Piecewise linear clustering versus SVM
  • Challenge of the week - Continued fractions for predictive modeling
  • Challenge of the week - Breast Cancer
  • Challenge of the week - Data Compression
  • Challenge of the week - How many correlations are spurious?
  • Challenge of the week - About the intricate structure of correlatio...
  • Challenge of the week - Measuring distance between two points (not ...

In addition, I invite you to check out our project list for candidates in our data science apprenticeship: these are interesting, applied and research projects.