Statistical test advice, currently thinking a MANOVA test.


I'm sorry to bother everyone.

I am collecting samples (continuous data) from 5 defined sites which can be split into 5 categories (A-E) (1 sample split into 5 equal sections), and will be doing this to gain a minimum of three repeats. The data can be split into 5 different size categories (Size category 1-5). The size categories will be equal in size (eg. 0.01-5.00, 5.01-10.00, 10.01-15.00).

Also, 1.1 A means site 1, repeat 1, category A.

The means for the size categories across section A can be tested, as well as one size category throughout sections A-E. I was going to use ANOVA for this (please see attached excel file, the different tabs all relate to this question). I would have to repeat this for all 5 sites, would there be a way to compare all 5 sites at once?

I was then going to test my samples against produced values. Would this then be a MANOVA test? I have researched MANOVA and it seems like the right test to undertake, although I am new at this and so I am not too sure.

Please could someone inform if I am doing this right, or if MANOVA is a bad choice? Could you also suggest other tests if MANOVA is not appropriate, or a better way to lay it out?

The table for MANOVA means that I would have to do separate ones for each location (3 repeats) A to E. Would there be a way of laying the table out to have all the locations with all the repeats A to E?

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I think MANOVA would be an appropriate test, although I really am not too sure.

I have not been able to solve the layout problem I am currently having.

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