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Hi all, I really need some help on deciding what stats test to use :)

I have conducted an experiment looking the what effect wearing minimalist shoes for eight weeks has on three walking variables (stride length, Stride frequency and walking speed).

All participants came to the lab to have each of the 3 variable measure. however I measured these variables in three different footwear conditions (barefoot, minimalist and traditional). I have 14 people who were split into 2 groups of 7. The intervention group were given a pair of minimalist shoes to wear for 8 weeks. The control group were asked to wear their own shoes for 8 weeks. after the 8 weeks all participants returned to the lab to have the same variable measured again.

I want to test if wearing the minimalist shoes had an effect on stride length, walking speed or stride frequency, in each footwear condition (total 9 variables), and if this was significant between groups.

HELP!! :(
Could you describe the study more clearly? From what I understand you have two groups, a control and a treatment group. How many measurements are you making on each subject (i.e. how many measurements at each time point and how many time points)?

If you only have two measurements for each subject - a baseline and follow-up measurement - you can use ANCOVA, adjusting for the baseline value. If you have more than two then you will need to use a repeated measures analysis.