Statistical test used

We are testing 4 different training methods on a group of drivers and want to determine if there are any differences among the 4 methods. We are testing the effectiveness of the 4 different training methods by measuring the following at 3 months and 12 months after training: (1) number of accidents, (2) number of “points” on driver records, (3) number of citations, and/or (4) higher supervisory ratings (0-below average, 1 average, 2 no respone, 3 above average) of those students from their place of work. Also we are wondering if any of the methods will have an effect on (5)industry attrition rate and (6) job satisfaction than other students in the other training methods.
Here's the tests I was thinking, but not sure:

(1) Chi-square
(2) Chi-square
(3) Chi-square
(5) Chi-Square
Your help is greatly appreciated!!