Statistical Tool for Agricultural Research (STAR) - An easy user-interface program

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Statistical Tool for Agricultural Research (STAR) is a computer program for data management and basic statistical analysis of experimental data. It has a user-friendly graphical interface where items are accessible via drop-down menus. Its graphical interface was created using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) and uses the R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. The programs uses functions in R that are specifically written for the development of this computer program and those that are available in the following R packages: ade4, agricolae, dae, DiGGer, doBy, fields, fitdstrplus, gdata, gplots, Hmisc, leaps, lme4, lmerTest, MASS, multcomp, mvtnorm, numDeriv, pastecs, permute, plyr, qtl, R.methodsS3, R.oo, rJava, spam, stringr and vegan.
STAR has been developed primarily for the analysis of data from agricultural field trials, but many of the features can be used for analysis of data from other sources.


Despite of its name, STAR is not limited to agricultural studies only but also to other statistical purposes, its interface is user-friendly making it better than SPSS or any other tool.
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