Statistics exam in 3 weeks!

Hey guys,

I have my basic business statistics exam in 3 weeks. It's my second try. I'm currently looking pretty ****ty for it, i'm stressed as hell.

What I have to work with is:
*21 days
* Basic statistics book
* My math lab global.
*lecture slides
*A ****load of fear mixed with fear motivation.
*Know a guy who can tutor me

I ask people this a lot, but what's the best way to go about things?

The first topics cover basic proabilities, moves to zscores, h0 testing, confidence intervals, t testing, time series forcasting and single+multiple regression.

I've done a fair few questions on my math lab global, and will get the question correct, but i'll go back to it the next day and forget it.

I've probably been to about half the lectures however didn't find it too helpful, and just over half of the tutes, as I find I learn much better off youtube etc. and it goes much slower.

Should I read thorugh the book, do a ton of examples?

I really don't know how to go about it and don't want to fail it again.

Any ideas/approaches etc is extremly greatly appreciated.