Statistics Museum

I live in Mexico and last week I visited the city of Queretero where I found a small Mathematics Museum. This museum had a large room full of Mathematical displays and demonstrations suitable for High School and basic College math students (all in Spanish). They did not have any displays or demonstrations for Probability or Statistics.

I would like to see if that can be corrected. I am writing to see if anyone has any thoughts about potential displays? I thought of donating a quincunx but they are expensive and difficult to build. Haven't had any other good ideas that do not require a computer. Actually, I could probably donate an old laptop but am not sure that would be appropriate for the museum.

Anyway, I would welcome any ides.

Stan Wheeler
Ajijic, Mexico


TS Contributor

I initially thought of the same thing (I didn't realize it was called a quincunx :D ).

At the Boston Museum of Science, I've seen the big, expensive kind as well as a smaller, cheaper version - basically it's interactive in that the person just releases the ping-pong balls from the bottom into a bin, then manually drops the balls back in through the top.

I'll try to think of some other things....

Hi Stan,

I think simulations of probability distributions like the one mentioned by John, and some probability puzzles would work. I am not sure how to demonstrate statistical methods or procedures. Probability is more fun anyway, imho.