statistics problem

I am stumped on how to go about making the test statistic for this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Consider the simple linear regression of Y, average total sleep time per 24 hour period (ASTD) on X, age of the young child (AGE). Do not use a regression program, rather run the calculations yourself on you calculator or using an Excel spreadsheet or equivalent and determine the regression parameters and the ANOVA table applicable to the following data and then answer the following:

566.00 4.40
461.75 14.00
491.10 10.10
565.00 6.70
462.00 11.50
532.10 9.60
477.60 12.40
515.20 8.90
493.00 11.10
528.30 7.75
575.90 5.50
532.00 8.60
530.50 7.20

Part 1: What is the sum of the least squares slope and intercept parameter?

Part 2: What is the test statistic value associated with a test to see if the intercept parameter can be removed from the model?

Part 3: What is a 95% confidence interval for the expected average total sleep time for a child of age 12?

Part 4. A residual is the value . For the given data set, calculate and show that it is equal to: