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hey im new to the forums just very confused with this homework of mine havent been in class for awhile sick so i have no clue on what we are doing so i have this problem i have on this worksheet i got need help on is happening heres the problem give me a clue what i have to write

1. In looking back at the past records it is determined that 1/3 of all absences from school occur on Mondays. If a student is absent from school 11 days, what is the average number of Mondays you would expect this student to be absent? (Do 5 trials and use row 22)----- { have a sheet with trials}



Statistic of Interest



you have to write some next to these no clue at all :shakehead

Mean Joe

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Hopefully this is helpful (and correct!)

Sounds like you are interested in # of absences that fall on Monday, where you have n=11 absences, and P[Monday absence | absence] = 1/3

They tell you to do 5 trials. Now, each trial should have 11 "coin flips". Specifically, our coin doesn't result in heads/tails; our coin will tell us Monday/Not Monday.

You can use to generate 11 random numbers from 1 thru 3. A '1' would simulate a Monday absence. Count the number of '1's (aka Mondays) you get.