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I am developing an online survey for my company which involves a rank-order type of questions, something similar to this

Rank your fav. colors (1 being the most preferred , 5 being least preferred)

[ ] Red
[ ] Blue
[ ] Green
[ ] Yellow
[ ] Black

Say example the results are like this

Color---User 1--User 2--User 3----User 4------Total
Red-----1-------- 2-------1----------1---------5

(sorry for the crappy formating, i couldn't use neither tabs nor table, the forum script didn't allow me to)

we can easily determine the option with the lowest score is the most preferred among the users who took the poll and the highest score option is the least preferred among the poll takers

But we need the results to be displayed in terms of percentage

Red -> 40% preferred
Blue -> 20% prefered
Green -> 15% preferred
Yellow -> 15% preferred
Black -> 10% preferred.

I am totally confused on how to compute this result. I have searched and researched a lot of resources but cant get into a concrete solution for calculation for calculating the %. Is it possible? can you guys please provide a solution? i am posting it here, because all the research work i did lead me to statistical calculation for this sort of a problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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You can "tilt" the table to show user by 1st to 5th choice,so the entrie will be the colours.Then count the 1st column [that is the most prefered colour] by assigning scores [1:5] to the colours, i.e counting 1's for red,2's for blue etc.

Then you have the counts of first choice. Divide by the users and you have frequencies.

I feel kind of dizzy right now, so I hope it's not trickier tha that..