Stats help - IV with ONE level?!

Marghhhh :| This doesnt appear to exist in the stats textbooks so I'm sure I'm completely missing the point.

Basically I have 3 groups of people. All of them are going to undergo a mood induction procedure. Electrodes and psychological measures of affect will be taken at baseline (ie. before the manipulation) and after the manipulation as a manipulation check. After this half of each group will be randomly assigned to either a self-harm proxy or some other task, and affect will again be measured afterwards.

Trouble is, obviously if everyone is undergoing the mood manipulation I'm not sure if it's an IV any more or whether I need to either skip it out of my analysis (not even sure this is allowed) or whether its a correlation or what?! Haha. Aside from that I'm pretty sure I need a repeated measures ANOVA.... ?

If anyone can help it'd be soooooo appreciated. Thing is - I'm interested on the effect of the self-harm proxy, hence why there's a control at this stage. The mood manipulation really makes no odds (aside from whether or not it works, hence the manip check), and I'm reluctant to add a control for that just because it'd make the analysis easier.

Please help!! :D