Stats Help please...


I'm not the best at stats so please keep terms and approaches in layman's terms please - I currently use SPSS too :)

I'm not too sure which test to conduct, so any help would be great.

I have record of the number of deaths since 1998 - 2016, each having a month when recorded - I subsequently subdivided the months into 4 seasons, and am now trying to test the number of deaths against the seasons. I have divided each by the number of months in each season to compensate for the different number of months in each season..
The data is non-parametric...
I have been recommended to carry out logistic regression analysis, but as the data is not proportional I don't see this as appropriate. I tried GLMZ, poissons regression as it is count (isn't it?) but that worked before I divided it but didn't work after I divided it.

I have attached an image of an example of the data.

I'm just going round in circles and I really don't know which test to conduct...

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!