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Hi all,

I am a new user of this forum and seek some advice on some data handling. I am carrying out a two-way repeated measures ANOVA, on SPSS, but have got a variable number of values in each group as i am working with human tissue and the number of values depends on how much i get. When i carry out the ANOVA it only takes into the account the same number as the smallest group has (e.g. if groups have 20 30 40 and 50 values the it only looks at the first 20 for each group) discounting alot of valuably information. I have tried enetring these as missing values but this doesnt seem to work. If anyone has any ideas let me know.



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Repeated measures ANOVA assumes that you have measures on a given item for every treatment group - if you don't, then it simply can't do the analysis...

You may need to ignore data for which you don't have measurements in every treatment group...