Stats Rookie - Please suggest ideas for my scenario.

I want to assign a % to teams ability to win games vs an average opponent. For example, Team A will beat an average team 55% of the time. How do I determine their likelyhood of success if they face a team who will win 53 or 45% of the time?

Thank you
Thank you very much. I find this very interesting! Looking forward to learning more about it.
After some time reading up on Elo I don't believe I am qualified enough to set something like this up. Is there anything else someone can suggest for predicting the below scenario.

TEAM A wins 57% of the time vs average competition.
TEAM B wins 53% of the time vs average competition.
TEAM C wins 45% of the time vs average competition.

There has to be a simple formula that would recommend the likely of success when TEAM A plays B and when TEAM A plays B.

Obviously Team A should win <57% of the time vs B and >57% of the time vs C but how much more?

Thank you for your input!