Structural Equation Modelling (Using AMOS)

[AMOS] Structural Equation Modelling

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I was wondering whether you might be able to help me. I'm currently looking at creating a model to analyse some results from a study.

Data responses have been collected on the Pain Catastrophising Scale (PCS). A 13 item scale asking the degree to which individuals think various thoughts and feelings whilst in pain using a 5-point scale. These items are then summed to produce three subscale scores (rumination, helplessness and magnification). Higher scores indicate higher levels of catastrophizing.

I've made a model but AMOS won't run, I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out which part of the model is wrong. I've spent hours looking over it and re-drawing it to try and figure it out.

I've attached a print screen of the model so far, can anyone suggest what my problem might be preventing it from running? I've tried changing the rumination, magnification and helplessness to squares as they can become observed variables when I sum the scores for those particular subscales but that still doesn't work. I've also tried with and without error on those subscales. I've also tried changing the direction of the arrors from those subscales to the catastrophizing.....

I'm certain there is something obvious and I just can't figure it out!
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my only guess is that you have named your latent variables the same thing in your spss. fpr example you have a variable called helplessness in your spss. the other option is that you have missing data!!


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My guess would be you have a model without enough df to be identified. But I can't imagine why AMOS would not run because of that. Normally SPSS runs even when the statistics is invalid, it just gives you a footnote warning of problem (this ocurs even with elements such as partial seperation in regression that causes other software not to run). When you try to use SPSS what happens, exactly?

To avoid confusion AMOS is SPSS:p
As stated above this has now been resolved thank you. I had not restrained the variables.

Amos is not spss. Spss and AMOS are part of IBM statistics programmes but they are most definitely not the same thing. They are two different programmes.

Anyway this can be closed now it's resolved?