sttocc to create a nested case-control study in stata

Hi all,

I am using sttocc to created a nested case control study, within an incident epilepsy population. The commands therefore reads as follows:

stset censor, failure(case) enter (time entry) id(patid) scale(365.25)

set seed 9123456
sttocc, match (gender yob entry_year) n(20) nodots

This has produced a nested case control study matched on gender and exact year of birth and entry year. Due to insufficient controls, some cases have been lost. It will be acceptable to have the same year of birth +/- 2 years and a time window around the entry date. Do you have any tips on how to do this? All I can find indicates splitting into age bands, for year of birth, but this could result in imprecise matching (e.g in age 35-40 age band, someone who is 35 would be better matched to someone who is 34 not 40 but this would not be allowable in this age band)

Many thanks in advance,