summarizing health indicators by facility


A bit of background about the current issue:

We're looking at a set of 6 indicators (simple binary variables) aggregated at a facility level and I'm wondering what ways I can analyze or visualize the data. This is exploratory and we do have some hypotheses in mind. For example, we have 6 indicators (2 of A, 2 of B, and 2 of C types). We're hoping to observe "profiles" or "patterns" of indicators across facilities. For example, we think that those facilities that are "high" on both type A indicators, should also be low on both type B indicators.

Is there an efficient way to test or model this? One way we though of visualizing it would be something like a spider or radar plot. This would work at a facility level, but we don't want to make one for each of the possible 25 facilities. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest another kind of analysis?