Surgical Audit - Which test to use?

I completed the data collection for my audit and now need to do a proper statistical analysis for my poster presentation. The last time I used stats is 6 years ago. So currently I am struggling to pick the correct test for my analysis. Not sure if an ANOVA will do the trick.

My variables are
Gender (labelled 1 and 2), Age Group (labelled 1-8), Grading, Time to Theatre (Group - labelled 1-3), Length of Stay, Prior Admission, Bile Duct Injury, ERCP (yes or no labelled as 1 or 2), Conversion (yes/no labelled as 1/2), Subtotal/total cholecystectomy (labeleld 1/2) and drain (yes or no labelled as 1/2).

The main goal was to see whether time to theatre affects LOS, TTT - increases complications such as Bilde Duct Injury , Conversion, subtotal/total, or the need for drains. To basically identify the optimum time for surgery. It would also be interesting if there's a relationship/effect/correlation of age and grading of the gallbladder relating to TTT and LOS.

So I am currently a bit confused, but I want to make sense of my data. To deliver some meaningful results (may be difficult either way as 5 years of charts only gave 52 patients as a study population...)

Any help is kindly appreciated. I can e-mail the data sheet should my explanation above not be good enough.
I don't even know how to organise my data.
Trying to run analyses in SPSS and it just doesn't seem to work.
I know I need to repeat a statistics course - clearly. But I don't think I will manage before February when I need to have this finished...