Surgical Outcomes?

Does anyone know a good SSPS tutorial for the project I'm doing?

I want to do a retrospective study to see if Drug A reduced postoperative Complication B from a particular surgery.

I also want to include BMI, age, race, etc. in the analysis.

From what I've read, I need to do the following:

1. Graphical exploratory analysis of risk factor and its association to outcome

2. Bivariate associations between use/non-use of Drug A with demographic and clinical variables will be examined for categorical variables and continuous variables.

3. Multivariate modeling will be performed using generalized linear models.

Does anyone know a good tutorial on this? Preferably for SSPS ?


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Which method are you going to use to do this. You can for instance run ANOVA or Regression to do 3 and they would have different tutorials? You need to provide more details of how you will do each step for someone to make suggestions. Its unlikely that any tutorial exist specific to the questions the way you worded them because they can be achieved multiple ways using multiple methods and approaches.


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Your To-Do list seems appropriate. I don't use SPSS, so I am no use there.

Question, to verify your approaches, "reduced postoperative complications" deals with a continous variable, correct?