Survey Question with 4 Point Likert Scale and Yes/No Question

Thank you for taking the time out to view my problem.

My survey is based on observations and interviews. The observation questions are yes/no type questions and interview questions are 4 points. 1 = never, 2 = sometimes, 3 = usually, and 4 = always. Yes = 1, No = 0. If I add up all these with highest possible score and divide it by the total score received, I can then retrieve a total score for the survey.

For example,

Let's say I have 5 responses for the likert and 5 for the yes/no.

5*4(with 4 being the highest possible score you can get)=20
5*1=5 the highest possible score for yes/no question.

I then add up both highest possible score = 25.

If I total the score received by my survey based on the above sample size, I get a score totaling 20. 20/25 = 80%. Can I build my questionnaire and calculations like this? I want to pull out a score to see how well we are doing based on the survey questions. I am not sure if this is called a rating or score. I also want to know if this is the proper way to calculate this statistically.


My main objective is to get one percentage/score for the entire questionnaire. I thought of accomplishing this in 2 ways. 1. Get the sum of earned score from both scales divide by total possible scores for both scales. 2. Get a percentage by using the above calculation for individual scales, which will give me two set of percentages and then take an average for those percentages.

I am not sure if this is a statistically sound solution.

Can you please explain how I should proceed.

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The observations and surveys are for the exact same people. Explain what you mean by observations and are all of the questions on the same typic and are worded with directionality of response always going the same way (no reverse scoring)?

Can you tell us about the context, may help?
The questions are interview questions that I will be asking and observations to see if staff is complying with standard work for the same dimensions.

For example,

1 dimension will cover communication with clients.
within that dimension, I have a set of interview questions I ask clients and observations to check and see how my staff is doing with communication with clients. Observations are yes/no and I am using a likert 4 point scaling system for my interview questions.

Not all dimensions will have interview questions associated with them. The same goes for observations. Another dimension is communication about billing. This is an observation and I do not have any interview questions associated with this.

I want to get one score per dimension to see what they are scoring in each dimension.

For the interview questions, I used 4 point scaling and have values of 0 (never),1 (sometimes), 2(usually), and 3 (always). Yes/no observations have a 0 (no), 1 (yes).


I generated a data entry form and calculated possible score as the highest value for each scale. A combined total score value divided by total possible = Total score for that particular composite.

the other way I thought of is taking the sum of each scale and taking the average on both scales to give me a total avg for 1 dimension. Then taking those two averages and creating another avg, so I get one score for that dimension.

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Hmm, not sure what to say. I guess it works. Can you get post data from the client, data on satisfaction to see which information predicts/effects their satisfaction? How many surveys are you conducting?
Should I calculate it like this?

Example: Question 1 - No (0/1) Question 2 - 2 (2/3) Question 3 - 2 (2/3)

Total score=4/7 or ~ 57%

Is this the correct formula to weight it equally?

If they were weighted equally it would be (0/1+2/3+2/3)/3 responses = 0.44 or 44% ???

Is the above mentioned weight a weighted average?