Survival analysis

Hi there,

I am doing some breast cancer survival analysis on population-based registry data...I have outlined to estimate incidence trends and its changes over time by Join point software (log linear regression) and compute relative survival by Ederer II and Pohar-Perme estimators. I should explore differences in age, stage, hospital, region of residency...

All should be done in STATA and I have big problems on commands...I am left alone on this field and any recommendation on help/advice is mostly valued and appreciated.

Thanks a lot!



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So your issue is that you need to use STATA to run a survival model and you need to use "Ederer II and Pohar-Perme estimators"? Are you familiar with survival analysis? What do you mean by "I have big problems on commands"? Do you reference your unfamiliarity with STATA?
Thanks for reply...I have very basic time-to-event analysis knowledge and we only did some stratification and Poisson regression when analysing malaria data. But no relative survival or net estimator experience in general.