switch x and y axis in a dot graph


I am new to this forum and stata, but I tried really hard to construct a special dot graph. It would be great if you could help me.

I have 4 groups and I would like to show, how much (in %) of every group chose a lottery B (lottery is a binary variable, so it is 1 if lottery B was chosen and 0 if lottery A was chosen). Furthermore, I want to look at men and women separately.

So I like to have on the x axis the four groups, on the y axis the percentage of persons choosing lottery B and a color for men and one for women. If possible the dots should be connected.

The way I constructed it the x and y axis are inverted and I would like to switch them, and to connect the dots for females and for males with a line.

My code is:
graph dot (mean) LotteryChoice, over(Gender) over(group) asyvars legend(on)

Is this possible?