Syntax command for dropping single cases


I hope someone could help me regarding single cases, which have been identified as outliers during regression analysis (st.residuals > 2; > 3).

Is there a practical syntax command for this. And if there is one where to include it? Simply adding at the end of commands for regression in the syntax?

Thanks in advance!

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TS Contributor
What software do you use? In STATA you just write:

drop if residual>3

That code drops the whole row. I suppose that is what you want?!
Thanks for the reply.

I use SPSS20. Actually that is not quiet what I mean.

I would like to drop the specific respondent or case. Because I dont want to save the variables for the residuals all the time and then analyze them seperately...that is quiet cumbersome if you use up to 10 predictors..

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