syntax if variable includes more less specific string of text - search 4 some magic

Hello folks!!

I´m searching for a magical symbol I guess... The issue is following:
I´m trying to assign certain string of text a specific value in new variable. Imagine a situation when I am searching that string of text in eg. people´s opinions on whatever and my task is to separate those ones who used a specific swear word, in this case it´s (let´s say) "pencil". That´s not problem though. The issue is (and that´s what´s important) that my task is to separate people who used various forms of this word in this way - "pxcil" while x can be any letter or number (for the sake of argument I wanna get rid of people who say "poncil" or "ppncil" or whatever).
Yeah, I know of order counting however this ain´t the case to use it.

So, to sum it up my question is following: is there some sort of symbol or whatever to use in command such as:
if char.index(opinion_final, "p#ncil")>0 opinion_filtered=1.

Could you please help me in this quest or at least state that you´re 1000% of no such magical symbol?
Thanx in advance...