Systat13 / Unable to open file in Commandspace

Hello guys,

I have a set of data in an Excel file (97-2003 version). When I open it with Systat13, the data appears in the Viewspace, as Untitled. Then I save it as a ‘***x.sys’ file.
But then when I go to the Commandspace to write commands to try and analyse the data, the output editor in the Viewspace says: ‘ERROR Unable to open file "***x.syz". Please enter another file name.’
Do you have any idea of what I can do to solve that?



Super Moderator
1) Is the fact you posted your saved file . sys and the error is relating to a file extension .syz the reason?

2) Are you actually using characters in the file names? Is so, try not too.

3) Check your file names (i.e. are there spaced as as "my data" in your file names).