T-test or Chi square

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I want to compare two variables with continuous scores (originating from summated likert scales) between two categories.

Should I use t-test or chi square.

If its chi square how do you do it on SPSS

Responses to a single Likert item are normally treated as ordinal data, because, especially when using only five levels, one cannot assume that respondents perceive the difference between adjacent levels as equidistant. When treated as ordinal data, Likert responses can be analyzed using non-parametric tests, such as the Mann-Whitney test, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test, and the Kruskal-Wallis test.

When responses to several Likert items are summed, they may be treated as interval data measuring a latent variable. If the summed responses are normally distributed, parametric statistical tests such as t-test can be applied.
Some more questions

Thanks Ghada

I understood most of your reply even though I far from being a statistician!!

So even though summed likert will not give whole numbers you would use a t-test as long as it is a normal distribution. (but how to I determine its a normal distribution... is it because SD is close to 1)

Which t-test in SPSS should I use.