table for correlation

Hi everyone!

I would like to find a command so that Stata creates an output of my correaltion in a .rtf format that I can later open with word.
Basically, is there any command similar to the esttab for regression?
On internet I found corrtab and mkcorr but I cannot find them with the option findit -which is quite weard as it normally works..-.

Any tips?

Thanks a lot guys!



You can always simply copy and paste - just use the "copy as table" option in Stata, then paste into Word, then highlight it and "Convert text to table".

Otherwise, -findit- works for me with the modules you mentioned. They're on SSC so you could install them with eg -ssc install corrtab-
Thanks guys!

They're on SSC so you could install them with eg -ssc install corrtab
I did this and it works.
However, it does not report the star for the significance level and I would like it to give me an output in .rtf format.
I tried convert text to table but it it did not work. it only put the correlation within a framework but nothing more!

Any idea?


As far as I can tell there's no way of doing that directly. You could probably modify pwcorr.ado yourself if it was that critical. Unless you're doing it frequently it would be a lot quicker to "copy as table" into your word processor, convert to table and clean it up.