Table interpretation (odds)

Can someone help me interpret and understand this table? The question is: What effect does the age have on the odds for bodyweight=1 for persons who a.) workout on a regular basis and b. for persons who doesn’t

Variable ____________β_________________p-value

Workput = 0_____________________1________________
Workout = 1_________-0.42______0.652_________0.040

Age * (training=0)________________1________________
Age * (training=1)____-0,20______0.785_________0.008


Bodyweight=1 if <80kg (otherwise=0)
Workout = 0 if the person doesn’t training on a regular basis, =1 if they do.



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This seems a little bit like homework, so I will just get you started and you can ask more questions and check your estimate for part a), with us.

Given body weight is the dependent variable and age is in single years:

B.) A single year increase in age for a person who doesn't workout results in an estimated 8% increase in odds of bodyweight = 1. This is also given you don't need to include the intercept in the formula, which I don't recall being necessary.

Now you need to incorporate the other variable as well to get a).
Thanks for your reply! I have tried to set up a calculation but has not succeeded because I do not know how the equation should look like ... After I posted my question, I've been searching for information that describes the process in a simple way but failed to find any detailed guide on how to proceed to solve the calculation. I'll keep trying I guess... :)