tabstat _all, ignoring strings

Hey all,

I'm working with a large dataset, containing both numerical and string variables. To get a quick overview of means, range etc. of my numerical variables, I wanted to run tabstat _all with an option to ignore the string variables. Is there a way to do this? If not, what is the easiest way around it? Should I just destring everything, run the tabstat and then restring again? Or is there a way to sort variables by var type and then specify the tabstat for the numerical part of the list? Thanks in advance!



P.S. I know about the summarize function, but it doesn't offer all the stats I'm looking for
If you are planning on using the large set of variables over and over, I recommend to create a local macro (see macro or Stanford manual). You can write
.local controls age agesq education income
which will create local macro "constrols" and then you use that when refering to variables - eg.
.regress outcome treatment `controls'
you can also you an asterix to mark all variables beginning with certain string - eg. when you have variables (avgp1 avgp2 avgp3 avgp4 total), you can use
.regress total avgp*