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Ok, well this is an idea that came to me from Dason's "sticky my thread" posting.

A lot of us write research papers and come on here for advice. I therefore thought that it might be nice if there was one place where we could post links to the papers that we've written where the advice obtained on this forum was helpful to the analysis. I'm currently making some nice progress on the surgical complications paper and would like to eventually post a link to it (for anyone interested) with a link back to the thread that started it all off.

So, if anyone has a paper that they would like to post, please post it here (or a link to it if it is copyrighted) with a link back to the thread where some part of the analysis was discussed (and possibly a link in the original thread to the posting in this thread, if that makes sense, so it cross-references).

Happy posting!


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I think this is a neat idea. It'd be great to see some of the research members are doing, particularly where discussions here have helped it along. The one issue I see is that most members here don't use their real names, and posting their research would mean taking away this anonymity.

(Our use of screen names if sort of an interesting side issue itself, it makes TS different than email lists like the R help list, SEMNET, etc).


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Hey now. I take offense to at least one of those accusations (I am in NO WAY a raptor).

The other accusations are ... uh... definitely false as well. Except the human/Dason accusations - those are totally true.