Test to measure interaction effects among factors on a dependent variable


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Hi all,

I am a new Statistics learning (1st year graduate student) and I would appreciate your opinion on my research design to answer a specific research question I have.

Background: I am collecting demographic data on participants, such as race and ethnicity. This demographic information are the independent variables. After data collection, participants will undergo an intervention that reduces anxiety.

I want to know if demographic variables moderate the efficacy of the anxiety-reduction intervention. My research question is phrased as: Do demographic characteristics moderate the efficacy of anxiety reduction?

For example, are people who identify as White more receptive to anxiety reduction through this intervention than someone who identifies as Latino? (It would be important for researchers/clinicians to know if race is a factor on this intervention's efficacy).

I think a factorial ANOVA is the appropriate test to run to examine the interaction effect among factors. Though, I might be completely off! Please let me know what you think.

Thank you all for the assistance!


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Curious if you randomized intervention?

An interaction term would be the route to go, while keeping the main terms still in the model.