Testing if median of a sample equals zero

Hello, I would like to ask you for your opinion the following problem. (My knowledge of statistics is more or less basic.)

There is a sample with a total size of 70 values (expressed in percentages). I need to find out if the median of this 70 values is significantly different from zero.
I am using two tests:

1. t-test: Does it make sense to use on-sample t-test for comparing medians with zero? Or should I rather compare means?

2. Non-parametric Wilcoxon test: The goal stays the same as in point 1, but in this case I want to use a non-parametric test, as specific empirical literature recommends it because it usually delivers more powerful results. Therefore I am comparing the 70 values with a column of 70 zeros (=treated as two related samples). Is this technique justifiable?

Thank you in advance for your hints!

Mean Joe

TS Contributor
I think you should just do the Wilcoxon test. You are right that the t-test is more often used for comparing means. Do not do both tests, and then select the one which gives better results.