testing significance of two repeated measures correlations

Hey everybody,

I've run into a small issue that I'm unsure how to solve yet.

I did a repeated measures correlation in r (rmcorr) for a pre and post testing data of the same population. If I want to check if the correlations differ significantly from pre to post, I know I can run a fisher z to r test...but is it suitable for repeated measure correlations or just for Pearson's correlations?

To calculate fisher z to r I need the correlation coefficient and the sample size...but with a repeated measures correlation the number of independent samples is way bigger than just the sample size.

Hope this questions makes any sense. Happy to provide more information if needed.



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but is it suitable for repeated measure correlations
I don't know, but I have the same niggles as you do. Perhaps Karabiners reference will tell you if it's OK.
However, you could do a bootstrap test which avoids the question.
You have one pair of rmcorr's and a difference.
Resample the subjects with replacement and find the new rmcorr and difference. Record.
Repeat many times and get a 95% CI for the differences.
Does this 95% CI include zero? If not, then there is a significant difference.