Thank you to all of you

Hi guys.

I received an A for my EE Statistics class (teacher doesn't give A+, which is the same as A anyway). Thank you to all of you.

Statistics is interesting, although that is not what I want to do for the rest of my life as a primary career, but I love performing analysis.

If you are from New York, there is a Statistics and Data Analysis in Python talk next month.

pandas is a Python library providing powerful and flexible data structures (similar to R's data.frame) and accompanying tools for data wrangling, time series, input / output, and visualization. statsmodels is a related Python project providing standard statistical and econometric models.
I will still be on the forum, and helping students whenever possible. Haha.
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This is what happens when you thank everybody. :D We are so nice and humble nobody comes forward to take credit. Well done and congrats! Look forward to seeing you in the forums.