The Effects of Autism-Like Traits on Balance


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I am going to do an experiment examining associations between Autism-Like Traits (IV) and balance (DV).

To assess this, all of the participants will take the Autism quotient questionnaire and complete four different balance tasks whilst balancing on a wii balance board. I will the need to assess how their Autism Quotient score (essentially how autistic they are) relates to balance and if there their balance is effected by a cognitive task.

There are two singe task conditions and two dual task conditions:
Single task condition 1 = standing on both legs counting upwards for 30 seconds

Single task condition 2 = standing on their non-dominant foot counting upwards for 30 seconds

Dual task condition 1 = standing on both legs while completing a cognitive task (counting backwards from a random number between 400 and 500 in sevens)

Dual task condition 2 = Standing on their non-dominant foot while completing the same cognitive task

There are 3 trials in each condition

I would like to do analysis that will show me how the participants AQ score is related to their balance across the conditions and how this is affected by the cognitive task.

In addition to this I have two measures of current mood (Profile of Mood States and an adapted Visual analogue scale) which will be assessed as covariates.

The measure of balance will be the 'total sway' of the participants centre of pressure.

(I would also like to see how the participants autism quotient score is associated with their sway in a mediolateral direction and an anteriorposterior direction)

I'm not sure what the best approach to analysis is, any help would be of great value. Thanks.


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This could be a 2 (task type single versus dual) x 2 (cognitive task yes/no) x 3 (repetions) repeated-measures anova, with autism score etc. as covariate(s), and with interactions between factors and interactions between factors and the autism score. Or maybe 2 RM-ANOVAs, one for each task type (2x3, with covariates).

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