The P-value for the above test is:

A certain manufacturing process suppose to produce, on average, 300 finished items per minute. The quality control manager believes that this is not true. To test her claim he samples the output for 100 minutes during one day of production. He finds that the mean and standard deviation from this sample yields 295.5 and 5.2 produced items per minute respectively.

Using Megastat: I selected the following:
Hypothesis Test: Mean vs. Hypothesized Value
Typed in from A-1 to A3, x-bar (295.5), sd (5.2), and n (100).
Hypothesized mean: (300) Alternative: (not equal)
Selected z-test.

I go to run the test and get a triangular error message from megastat
n must be > = 2.

I tried help, no success. So manually I try:

Step I.
Calculate the area under the curve, using alpha .05
Two tail test: .05/2=.025
The area under the curve is .025-.5=.4750. (referencing to Z table)
Critical value for z= +/- 1.96

Step II
P-value= .5 -.4750
p-value= .025
*noting that this a two-tail test I multiply .025*2 to give me .05

p-value is defined as the level of significance where the calculated value of the test statistic is exactly the same as a critical value. It is the lowest level of significance at which H sub naught can be rejected.

The mulitple choices provided are:
The P-value for the above test is,

Greater than .10

Between .05 and .10

Between .01 and .05

Less than .01

I selected Between .01 and .05

though I am not sure as to the answers provided as The P-value for the above test is,

is to me means singular, if you are to imply more than one the word are should be stated.
I believe I did this correct, anybody care to read and comment on my response?
The P-value for the above test is: Figured it out.

Megastat error is because I failed to add a label. In mega stat you have to input in Excel the label, x-bar, sd, and n. The label can be any title you give when you run the test.