The Talkstats Bookclub

Awesome ideas guys. I'll make another banner for the book club and put it on the top of the pages, probably in a rotation with the running club banner.

Notme we welcome your input on statistics, but please don't post link to questionable website/material. Thanks bugman and Dason for the moderation.


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I really like the book club idea. Time zones are an issue for me (being on the other side of the Pacific to most of you), so would probably prefer forum over skype if possible. I'll pick up a copy of the R book at the library today, but may find it hard going - still not very skilful with R!


I think I'm the least competent one participating so my vote is for something I have some knowledge of to start like GLMs (Though logistic regression I've studied not survival) or ANCOVA. I'm excited about this. I think we could really add some great techniques and approaches beyond Crawley, but the book is a good base.


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Hi Guys,

Great that there are so many people enthusiastic about this. So let me select the start chapter and we can begin. There have been votes for anova, ancova, glm, ME-models and GAMS. So I think a very natural introduction would be to start with chapter 10, regressions. That subject seems like the perfect soft introduction for the other chapters (Crawley put it before the others for a reason). I have looked at the chapter and believe it is very comprehensive and that there will be something to learn for everyone.

I hope everyone agrees with the Chapter choice. Even if you feel you already know everything about the chapter we would still appreciate your input. You can help others with any problems or maybe you can help us by stating why you would do things differently? I will now start the first thread of the Talkstats book club!


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Great! I guess we'll get started then and start posting!

Btw, I think it'd be a good idea to come up with a tentative schedule for the chapters. Sorry to keep bringing this up. I'm much better when there's a schedule to follow though (i.e a due date). Maybe a chapter a week? Or a chapter every two weeks?


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Hi Link,

I'm sorry I have to keep bringing up that its a chapter once every two weeks :p ;)
After the thread closes we directly start with the new chapter.
We will do two chapters a month, until we all agree its time for a new book.




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Has anyone finished reading the ANOVA chapter yet? I really just started. I have been pretty busy this past week or so. I'm thinking that we should set ourselves up to read the next chapter while we discuss the chapter we already read. Otherwise, we give ourselves a timeframe for reading & discussion, and people will end up not coinciding on the latter part. If we separate the two, then people can finish up the reading early or late (during the prior discussion period) to meet their needs while not keeping them from participating in the discussion fully.



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I'll be up for that, as I know some people wished to finish the discussion on the previous chapter. Plus, we can still enforce deadlines but they are more relaxed.


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TheEcologist will be gone for a while so I wondering if we want to continue the book club or should we take a break for a while? We've technically been done with the last chapter for a while but we could get a new chapter started for anybody interested. Thoughts?


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With the Ecologist gone and Cowboy Bear taking a break the obvious option is to have a break, but my experience in this forum tells me that if this were to happen it may dissipate into oblivion. Lets continue.