Three-way ANOVA interaction: Post-Hoc tests

Hi There,
I have a 2x3x4 repeated measured anova. I have a significant 3-way interaction, and I want to make sure that I am using the correct post hoc comparisons and not violating any key statistics theory.

If we consider my 2x3x4 RM ANOVA to be AxBxC. With the significant 3-way interaction I have performed the following post-hoc analysis:

AxB at each level of C
AxC at each level of B
BXC at each level of A

My only concern is that I am performing too many post hoc comparisons (I have used SIDAK to adjust for multiple comparisons within each of the above 3 tests).

Is it typical for post-hoc tests on a three way interaction to perform all of the above 3 comparisons or would one typically just pick one or 2?