Three-Way ANOVA

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I am so confused. I have gone through my book over and over to figure this out. Ok, I understand how to perform an ANOVA, T-test or Z test with raw data. However I cannot grasp the idea of performing an ANOVA on Data that contains a Table of Means and a Table of Variances and just the basic info on the study itself (i.e. # of subjects, etc).



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You can work "backward" from the variances and sample sizes to get the sums of squares needed to fill in the ANOVA table....

Sum of Squares = variance * (n-1)
Three way anova

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WHen you say backward in my table of means I have two rows and four columns. If the mean of row one column one is 54 how can I figure out the SS. For instance, I have 80 subjects but I have 10 in each condition. Would I multiply by 10 in order to obtain the SS? Because in order to obtain the mean I would have had to add the sum of all the scores for column one row one and dive them by ten in order to obtain 54 correct? Melinda


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2 rows by 4 columns is actually a 2-way ANOVA

Does your text have a table that shows the formulas for determining the row and/or column SS and the interaction SS?

I can work on an example done in Excel, but it may take a while....