Tracking trends in count data - excel

I seem to have forgotten how to something I'm sure I used to know how to do...

I'm looking at count date and I want to be able to plot when each 'thing' (my example is colour, but not in real life) by date and time - so that I can visually see when each 'thing' happens most. Normally I'd just average it, but I suspect there may be multiple peaks within each day.


I could manage if I still had access to GraphPad, but I'm stuck with just excel.

Thanks in advance!!


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I assume you want to do histogram by the hour?
You can do histogram for every color separately.(data => data anaylsis=> histogram)
You can add column hour (for example) and then run pivot Chart (insert => pivotChart) pivot_hour.png


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|So do a scatter XY ...
you count the color with the pivot table.
if you want time resolution to calculate date+time (no need for a pivot in this case or aggregate with pivot hourly)
(excel funnily chose the colors .. but you can change it ....)

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